Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
16:45 -- 18:00
Room C

Tu.6.C • FTTx Scenarios

Chair: Stefan Dahlfort; Ericsson, United States
Tu.6.C.1 • 16:45
Proof of Concept Demonstration of GPON Fed Fibre-To-The-Distribution point (FTTDp)
Ian Cooper1, Kristan Farrow1, Trevor Morsman1, Paul Wright1, Albert Rafel1, Derek Nesset1; 1BT, United Kingdom.
The first implementation of a FTTDp architecture is demonstrated using a commercial GPON, a pluggable SFP-ONT and a newly developed FTTDp SU back-powered by a single customer. Raman amplification is also used to increase the GPON optical loss budget by ~7dB
Tu.6.C.2 • 17:00 (Invited)
The Road to Scalable 1Gb/s FTTH Access Networks
Cedric Lam1; 1Google Inc., USA.
We outline the challenges and technologies to scale fiber access network speed to 1Gb/s and beyond.
Tu.6.C.3 • 17:30
Demonstration and Field Trial of a Scalable Resilient Hybrid ngPON
Josep Prat1, Victor Polo1, Jose Lazaro1, Francesc Bonada1, Eduardo Lopez1, Bernhard Schrenk1, Mireia Omella1, Fabienne Saliou2, Quang Trung Le2, Philippe Chanclou2, Dmitri Leino3, Risto Soila3, Spiros Spirou6, Liliana Costa4, Antonio Teixeira4, Giorgio Tosi Beleffi5, Dimitrios Klonidis7, Ioannis Tomkos7; 1TSC, UPC (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya), Spain; 2FT-Orange, France; 3Tellabs, Finland; 4IT, Portugal; 5ISCOM, Italy; 6INTRACOM, Greece; 7AIT, Greece.
The built multi-layer SARDANA prototype proves the feasibility of extended hybrid DWDM/TDM-XGPON FTTH networks with resilient optically-integrated ring-trees architecture, supporting broadband multimedia services.
Tu.6.C.4 • 17:45
Masking of 4096-level Intensity Modulation Signals by Noises for Secure Communication Employing Y-00 Cipher Protocol
Fumio Futami1, Osamu Hirota1; 1Tamagawa University, Japan.
Error-free operation of physical stream cipher based on Y-00 protocol using 4096-level intensity modulation signals is demonstrated with the masking effect on the secret key. The intensity noise successfully masks 255-signal levels against direct-detection attack