Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
16:45 -- 18:30
Le Saleve

Tu.6.LeSaleve • Quantum Dot And Quantum Bell Devices

Chair: Hans-Ulrich Pfeiffer; Oclaro AG, Switzerland
Tu.6.LeSaleve.1 • 16:45
1.3 μm InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Lasers on Si Substrates with Current Injection across Direct-Bonded GaAs/Si Heterointerfaces
Katsuaki Tanabe1, Katsuyuki Watanabe1, Stephane Faure1, Yasuhiko Arakawa1,2; 1Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, University of Tokyo, Japan; 2Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Japan.
A 1.3 μm InAs/GaAs quantum dot laser on a Si substrate is demonstrated by current injection through a direct-bonded GaAs/Si interface with a threshold current density of 205 A/cm2, the lowest among lasers on silicon.
Tu.6.LeSaleve.2 • 17:00
Uncooled, Polarization-insensitive AlGaInAs MQW-SOA Module Operable up to 75°C with Constant Current
Shinsuke Tanaka1, Ayahito Uetake1, Shigekazu Okumura1, Mitsuru Ekawa1, Goji Nakagawa2, Ken Morito1; 1Device innovation lab., Fujitsu laboratories ltd., Japan; 2Photonics lab., Fujitsu laboratories ltd., Japan.
A world’s first uncooled, polarization-insensitive 1.3-μm SOA module was developed using an AlGaInAs MQW-SOA. A very small gain variance of 3.8 dB including PDG was demonstrated over a wide temperature range from 25 to 75°C at a constant current.
Tu.6.LeSaleve.3 • 17:15 (Tutorial)
Quantum Dot Devices
James J. Coleman1; 1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, USA.
Semiconductor quantum dot lasers have been extensively studied for applications in future lightwave telecommunications systems. We describe the growth, processing and characteristics of quantum dot and nanostructure lasers that exhibit interesting and potentially important effects arising from reduction of the active medium to the quantum regime (<50 nm) in all three dimensions. The motivation for quantum dots in lasers is outlined along with methods for forming self-assembled and patterned quantum dots. The resultant laser characteristics are presented. Finally a novel inverted quantum dot structure or nanopore laser, containing three dimensional quantization formed from an engineered periodicity, is introduced.
Tu.6.LeSaleve.4 • 18:15
Two Photon Induced Lasing in 1550 nm Quantum Dash Optical Gain Media
Amir Capua1, Abigael Saal1, Johann Peter Reithmaier2, Kresten Yvind3, Gad Eisenstein1; 1Technion, Israel; 2University Kassel, Germany; 3Technical University of Denmark, Germany.
A strong optical pulse excites carriers by two photon absorption in a Quantum Dash semiconductor optical amplifier inducing lasing. The laser line temporal response is measured and the emitted pulse is characterized by cross-FROG measurement.