Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
14:30 -- 16:15
Le Saleve

Tu.5.LeSaleve • Advanced Photonic Devices

Chair: Juerg Leuthold; Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Germany
Tu.5.LeSaleve.1 • 14:30 (Invited)
Efficient Terahertz Waveguides
Thomas (Ted) E. Darcie1, Hamid Pahlevaninezhad1, Barmak Heshmat1; 1Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of Victoria, Canada.
We review recent progress towards efficient and versatile waveguides and transmission lines for terahertz applications. We also propose two efficient slot-line structures appropriate for terahertz frequency range. Numerical simulations are demonstrated for the proposed structures.
Tu.5.LeSaleve.2 • 15:00
Experimental Investigation of Phase Squeezing in a Non-Degenerate PSA Based on a PPLN Waveguide
Ben J. Puttnam1, Daniel M√°zroa2, Satoshi Shinada1, Naoya Wada1; 1Photonic Network System Laboratory, NICT, Japan; 2Telecomms and Media Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.
We investigate the phase squeezing characteristics of a non-degenerate PPLN-PSA. We show that the level of phase squeezing varies with the phase-sensitive-dynamic-range and demonstrate regeneration of a distorted BPSK signal, despite net signal attenuation.
Tu.5.LeSaleve.3 • 15:15
40nm Wavelength Tunable Gain-Switched Optical Comb Source
Rui Zhou1, Sylwester Latkowski1, John O'Carroll2, Richard Phelan2, Liam Barry1, Prince Anandarajah1; 1RINCE Institute, Dublin City University, Ireland; 2Eblana Photonics, Trinity Enterprise Centre, Ireland.
A 10GHz FSR optical comb, tunable over C-band with <200KHz optical linewidth, based on an externally seeded gain-switched FP laser diode is presented. Doubling of comb lines is also achieved with a phase modulator.
Tu.5.LeSaleve.4 • 15:30 (Invited)
Towards Colourless Coolerless Components for Low Power Optical Networks
Paul D. Townsend1, A. Clarke1, Peter Ossieur1, D. Smith2, Anna Borghesani2, D. Moodie2, I. Lealman2, Xing-Zhi Qiu3, Johan Bauwelinck3, Xin Yin3, Klaus Grobe4, Brian T. Teipen4, Rich Jensen5, Nick Parsons5, E. Kehayas6; 1University College Cork/Tyndall National Institute, Ireland; 2CIP Technologies, United Kingdom; 3Ghent University, Belgium; 4ADVA AG Optical Networking, Germany; 5Polatis Ltd., United Kingdom; 6Constellex Technology Enablers Ltd., Greece.
We report progress towards low-power, colourless reflective photonic integrated circuits for cost-effective DWDM 100 Gb/s metro transport and 10 Gb/s access networks within the EU FP7 C3PO project.
Tu.5.LeSaleve.5 • 16:00
10 Gbps SOA-REAM using Monolithic Integration of Planar Buried-Heterostructure SOA with Deep-Ridge Waveguide EA Modulator for Colourless Optical Source in WDM-PON
Dong Churl Kim1, Hyun-Soo Kim1, Ki Soo Kim1, Byung-seok Choi1, Jong-Sool Jeong1, O-Kyun Kwon1; 1Eletronics and Telecommunications Research Institue, Republic of Korea.
We fabricated SOA-REAM with PBH-SOA and deep-ridge EAM for 10Gbps WDM-PON. Small signal gain is about 23dBm and PDG is less than 1dB. After 20km transmission, power penalty is less than 1dB over 35nm.