Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
14:30 -- 16:00
Room C

Tu.5.C • OFDM And Alternative Modulation Format For Access

Chair: Alexandros Stavdas; University of Peloponnese, Greece
Tu.5.C.1 • 14:30
A Novel Symmetric Lightwave Centralized WDM-OFDM-PON Architecture with OFDM-Remodulated ONUs and a Coherent Receiver OLT
MIng-Fang Huang1, Dayou Qian1, Neda Cvijetic1; 1NEC Laboratories America, USA.
The first lightwave-centralized WDM-OFDM-PON architecture with OFDM re-modulation and a coherent-receiver-OLT is demonstrated. Both downstream and re-modulated upstream 10Gbit/s OFDM-16QAM is successfully transmitted over 25km-SMF with 10dB power-margin and negligible re-modulation and transmission penalties.
Tu.5.C.2 • 14:45
Dimensioning of OFDMA PON with non-preselected-independent ONU sources and wavelength-control
Ivan Cano1, María C. Santos1, Victor Polo1, Josep Prat1; 1Department of Signal Theory and Communications, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain.
A simple method for wavelength control of economical random non-preselected-independent ONU source, by OLT monitoring and thermal tuning, is presented and dimensioned. It reduces the spectral overlap probability and increases the cost-effectiveness of an OFDMA-PON.
Tu.5.C.3 • 15:00 (Invited)
On-Demand Virtual Optical Network Access Using 100 Gb/s Ethernet
Osamu Ishida1, Soichiro Araki2, Sachine Arai3, Toshiyuki Ichikawa4, Hidehiro Toyoda5, Itsuro Morita6, Takeshi Hoshida7, Hitoshi Murai8; 1NTT, Japan; 2NEC, Japan; 3NTT Communications, Japan; 4Mitsubishi Electric., Japan; 5Hitachi, Japan; 6KDDI R&D Labs., Japan; 7Fujitsu, Japan; 8OKI, Japan.
Our Terabit LAN challenges are to enhance the scalability and utilization of lambda resources. Bandwidth-on-demand virtualized 100GE access to WDM networks on a field fiber test-bed using multi-domain optical-path provisioning is described.
Tu.5.C.4 • 15:30
Demonstration of Asynchronous, 40Gbps x 4-user DPSK-OCDMA Transmission using a multi-port Encoder/Decoder
Nobuyuki Kataoka1, Gabriella Cincotti2, Naoya Wada1, Ken-ichi Kitayama3; 1Photonic Network System Laboratory, NICT, Japan; 2University Roma Tre, Italy; 3Osaka University, Japan.
We developed a new 8-chip, 320 Gchip/s multi-port encoder/decoder for 40-Gbps PON networks. Asynchronous, 40-Gbps x 4-user DPSK-OCDMA transmission over 50 km has been successfully demonstrated for the first time.
Tu.5.C.5 • 15:45
A Comparison of Modulation Formats for Passive Optical Networks
Domanic Lavery1, Carsten Behrens1, Seb Savory1; 1Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University College London, United Kingdom.
The sensitivity of polarization-switched QPSK (PS-QPSK) is compared to polarization-division-multiplexed QPSK (PDM-QPSK) and BPSK (PDM-BPSK) at a constant bitrate (12.5 Gbit/s). PS-QPSK is found to achieve the theoretical sensitivity advantage of 1.76 dB over PDM-BPSK.