Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
09:00 -- 10:45
Room K

Tu.3.K • High Speed Optical Networking

Chair: Kiyoshi Fukuchi; NEC, Japan
Tu.3.K.1 • 09:00 (Invited)
Toward 100G Networking and Beyond
Joseph E. Berthold1; 1CTO, CIENA, USA.
As 100G penetration increases in core networks what architectural changes might we expect? What about the step beyond 100G? This paper provides an answer to these questions, while contrasting 100G network architecture with current practice.
Tu.3.K.2 • 09:30
Transmission Reach of Optical-OFDM Superchannels with 10-600 Gb/s for Transparent Bit-Rate Adaptive Networks
Axel Klekamp1, Roman Dischler1, Fred Buchali1; 1Alcatel-Lucent, Germany.
Transmission reach limits are derived for adaptive O-OFDM superchannels with channel bit-rates of 10-600Gb/s and QPSK/n-QAM modulation formats. An analytical formula is presented for use of OFDM superchannels in gridless adaptive network scenarios.
Tu.3.K.3 • 09:45
2.56 Tbit/s/port Dual Polarization DWDM/NRZ-DQPSK Optical Packet Switching and Buffering
Satoshi Shinada1, Hideaki Furukawa1, Naoya Wada1; 1NICT, Japan.
We demonstrate the world highest line-rate, 2.56-Tbit/s/port (20 Gbit/s DQPSK × 64 wavelengths × 2 Polarizations) dual-polarization optical packet switching and buffering by using low polarization dependent optical switches and packet-duty-cycle independent EDFAs.
Tu.3.K.4 • 10:00
Synchronization, retiming and OTDM of an asynchronous 10 Gigabit Ethernet NRZ packet using a time lens for Terabit Ethernet
Hao Hu1, Janaina Laguardia Areal1, Hans Christian Hansen Mulvad1, Michael Galili1, Kjeld Dalgaard1, Evarist Palushani1, Anders T. Clausen1, Michael Stübert Berger1, Palle Jeppesen1, Leif K. Oxenlowe1; 1DTU Fotonik, Technical university of Denmark, Denmark.
An asynchronous 10G Ethernet packet is synchronized and retimed to a master clock using a time lens. The NRZ packet is converted into an RZ packet and multiplexed with a serial 1.28 Tb/s signal.
Tu.3.K.5 • 10:15
Experimental Adaptive Digital Performance Monitoring for Optical DP-QPSK Coherent Receiver
Robert Borkowski1, Xu Zhang1, Darko Zibar1, Richard Younce2, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy1; 1DTU Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; 2Tellabs, USA.
We report on a successful experimental demonstration of a digital optical performance monitoring (OPM) yielding satisfactory estimation accuracy along with adaptive impairment equalization. No observable penalty is measured when equalizer is driven by monitoring module.
Tu.3.K.6 • 10:30
Digital Non-Linear Equalization for Flexible Capacity Ultradense WDM Channels for Metro Core Networking
Valeria Arlunno1, Xu Zhang1, Knud J. Larsen1, Darko Zibar1, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy1; 1DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark.
We experimentally demonstrate that digital non-linear equalization allows for using independent tunable DFB lasers spaced at 12.5 GHz for ultradense WDM PM-QPSK flexible capacity channels for metro core networking.