Tuesday, 20 September, 2011
09:00 -- 10:45
Room B

Tu.3.B • Undersea Transmission

Chair: Ekaterina Golovchenko; TE SubCom, United States
Tu.3.B.1 • 09:00 (Invited)
State of the art in non repeatered optical transmission
Hans Bissessur1; 1Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, France.
This paper reviews the key technologies for non-repeatered systems and describes experimental demonstrations of long reach or high capacity, based on 40Gb/s PDM-BPSK or 100 Gb/s PDM-QPSK modulation with a coherent receiver.
Tu.3.B.2 • 09:30
8 x 120 Gb/s Unrepeatered Transmission over 444 km (76.6 dB) using Distributed Raman Amplification and ROPA without Discrete Amplification
Do il Chang1, Wayne Pelouch1, John McLaughlin1; 1Xtera Communications, USA.
Unrepeatered transmission of 8 x 120 Gb/s PM-NRZ-QPSK signal over standard effective-area pure silica core fiber of 444.2 km (76.6 dB) is achieved using only forward and backward distributed Raman amplification and remotely-pumped erbium fiber. Multi-rate transmission of 8 x 120 Gb/s and 9 x 10.7 Gb/s over 75.4 dB span is also demonstrated.
Tu.3.B.3 • 09:45
4 x 100Gb/s Unrepeatered Transmission over 462km Using Coherent PDM-QPSK Format and Real-Time Processing
Hans Bissessur1, Philippe Bousselet2, Dominique Annie Mongardien1, Gaspard Boissy1, Julien Lestrade1; 1Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, France; 2Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, France.
Low-loss and high effective area (135 µm2) fibre is combined with powerful third order Raman pumps and remote amplification to span a record 462km long unrepeatered link with four 100Gb/s PDM-QPSK channels and real-time digital processing.
Tu.3.B.4 • 10:00
Demonstration of 2.7-PPB Receiver Sensitivity Using PDM-QPSK with 4-PPM and Unrepeatered Transmission over a Single 370-km Unamplified Ultra-Large-Area Fiber Span
Xiang Liu1, Sethumadhavan Chandrasekhar1, Thomas H. Wood2, Robert Tkach1, Ells C. Burrows1, Peter Winzer1; 1Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, USA; 2Government Communication Lab, LGS Innovations, USA.
We demonstrate a record receiver sensitivity of 2.7 photons per bit at 6.23-Gb/s net data rate using PDM-QPSK with 4-ary-pulse-position-modulation. This signal is transmitted over a 370-km unrepeatered ultra-large-area-fiber span with 71.7-dB total loss budget.
Tu.3.B.5 • 10:15
Experimental Demonstration of Non-Binary LDPC Coded Modulation for Ultra-Long-Haul Transmission Systems
Shaoliang Zhang1, Murat Arabaci2, Fatih Yaman1, Ivan B. Djordjevic2, Lei Xu1, Ting Wang1, Yoshihisa Inada3, Takaaki Ogata3, Yasuhiro Aoki3; 1NEC Labs America, USA; 2ECE Department, University of Arizona, USA; 3Submarine Network Division, NEC Corporation, Japan.
Performance of rate-0.8 4-ary LDPC coded modulation with MAP detector is demonstrated in 40Gb/s dual-polarization QPSK transmissions. We achieve >10 dB coding gain at BER of 10-6 and show no countable errors after 10,560 km transmission over legacy DMFs.
Tu.3.B.6 • 10:30
112 Gb/s PM-QPSK Transmission up to 6000 km with 200 km Amplifier Spacing and a Hybrid Fiber Span Configuration
John D. Downie1, Jason Hurley1, John C. Cartledge2, Scott Bickham1, Snigdharaj Mishra1; 1Corning Incorporated, USA; 2Queen's University, Canada.
We demonstrate transmission of 112 Gb/s PM-QPSK signals up to 6000 km with 200 km spans. A hybrid fiber span configuration is used that combines two ultra-low loss fibers, one having very large effective area.