Quantum communication

Workshop 1
Sunday, 18 September, 2011
10:00 - 13:30
Room A

Quantum physics allows one to produce truly random bits. Moreover, it allows one to distribute them in such a way that one can certify their privacy before eventually using them for cryptography applications.

Quantum Random Number generators (QRNG) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) have found a few niche markets. Today, some commercial clients use QKD continuously 24x7 a week. In this workshop world specialists will talk about reliability tests in quantum networks; about quantum hacking, its importance and limitations, and its role in classical and quantum cryptography; about high rate and about low cost QKD systems; about free space quantum communication; and about future quantum repeaters for continental scale quantum communication.


Quantum Repeaters
Wollfgang Tittel, Université de Calgary, Canada

Commercial QKD & Swiss Quantum
Dr Grégoire Ribordy, CEO, id Quantique SA, Switzerland

Low Cost QKD
John Rarity, University of Bristol, UK

High Rate QKD
Andrew Shields, Toshiba, Cambridge, UK

Tokyo QKD Networks
Masahide Sasaki, NICT, Japan

Free Space QKD
Rupert Ursin, University of Vienna, Austria

Quantum Hacking
Harald Weinfürter, University of Munich, Germany